What’s happening at Adaba Foods?

The Boulder Farmers’ Market opens soon!  I will be there on Saturdays until the Wednesday market opens, then I’ll be there on Wednesdays only for the rest of the season.  Wednesdays are from 4pm until 8pm.  Saturdays begin April 4th…

I sell baked goods made from whole grains like amaranth, teff, millet, quinoa, etc, which all happen to be gluten free.  My products don’t contain dairy and most are vegan.  All are organic and made with the highest quality ingredients.   I disclose every ingredient at the stand, though below I’ll just list the main ones and leave things like baking powder and baking soda out. 

In addition to the Farmers’ Market, I take direct/special orders and I also teach cooking and baking classes.  I’m hoping to write a cookbook using local, seasonal ingredients, as well.  A note on special orders, please give me as much information as possible about your food restrictions/preferences.  I will do custom orders to accomodate you if I can! 

NEW for this year: I have started to work with sprouted whole grain quickbreads and some yeasted breads.  I will always one or more products made from whole, soaked and/or sprouted grains, which will also be vegan.   In addition, I now soak the flours for my crackers and will do my best to soak the flours for quickbreads, as well.    

I rotate my menu based on what is in season; part of my purpose is to help people connect with their food and part of that is knowing what grows when and where (hopefully nearby).  In general, I sell seasonal sweet breads, cookies, and bars, as well as savory crackers.  I’ll also take special requests.  In addition, I sell mixes (when it’s cool enough to bake) so that people can make their own creations!

Here are some products that might show up on the menu:

Please note that the menu will vary from week to week.  If there is something you are counting on (a loaf or a particular product), please check with me early in the week to let me know! 

Adaba Nutty Bars vegan – a combo of popped amaranth, chopped almonds, coconut oil, almond butter, brown rice syrup, and maple syrup. 

Millet Bread – vegan – made from whole soaked millet, Ela Family Farms applesauce, macadamia nut oil, agave

Sprouted Lemon Poppyseed Bread – made with whole, sprouted quinoa, lightly sweetened with agave, local applesauce, flaxseed (or chia seed), coconut oil, lemon zest and extract, vanilla 

Sprouted Buckwheat Gingerbread – whole sprouted buckwheat, lightly sweetened with agave, local applesauce, flax or chia seeds, coconut oil, vanilla and spices

Sprouted Quinoa Coconut Bread – whole sprouted quinoa, coconut, agave, coconut oil, flax or chia seeds, vanilla

Graham Crackers – vegan – plain or in sandwiches filled with agave-sweetened cashew butter – made from amaranth, teff, and quinoa flours, plus coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, agave, maple syrup, vanilla hempmilk, sometimes a bit of molasses, vanilla, spices

Thumbprint Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars – vegan – both are made from amaranth flour, quinoa flakes, walnuts, brown rice syrup, agave, hempmilk, and a bit of macadamia nut oil; jelly in the thumbprints and chocolate chips in the cookie bars

Carob Almond Bars – vegan – sometimes I make these chocolate – just sub cocoa powder for the carob and everything else is the same – amaranth flour, almond butter, brown rice syrup, agave, hempmilk, and vanilla

Sesame Flatbread – vegan – amaranth flour, olive oil, sesame seeds, and salt

Multigrain Crackers – vegan – garbonzo flour, amaranth flour, millet flour, quinoa flour, flax seeds, sweet rice flour, hemp milk, olive oil, and a bit of agave

Sprouted Grain Focaccia/pizza dough – sprouted buckwheat, millet, quinoa, flax or chia seeds, olive oil, agave, sea salt, yeast

Zucchini bread (contains organic eggs): Local zucchini, amaranth flour, quinoa flour, pecans, agave, Ela Farms applesauce, coconut oil, eggs, teff flour, sweet rice flour, apple cider vinegar, spices

Lemon Poppyseed bread (contains eggs): amaranth flour, Ela Farms applesauce, agave, eggs, poppyseeds, macadamia nut oil, lemon zest, lemon extract, vanilla extract


  • Multigrain waffle
  • cookie mix (for thumbprints, chocolate chip cookie bars, almond butter cookies, raisin cookies, etc, etc, etc; recipes included)
  • all-purpose muffin/quickbread mix (gingerbread, fruit muffins, banana bread, apple cake, zucchini bread, and much more – recipes included)
  • cornbread
  • specific mixes, please ask!

I look forward to seeing you at the market, or maybe sooner!!


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  1. Jennifer Love Earl said

    Julie Schultz!!!!! Wow!!

    I just spent the last hour reading all of your fabulous recipes. I am so impressed by your talent! Your recipes sound delicious and oh ~ so healthy. How cool!!! I started out be looking at your pictures on facebook, and that’s where I found your link to Adaba Foods. Way more fun to get a surprise comment on your own personal website than it would be to get a comment on your wall – for the rest of the facebook world to see! I am so excited to have found you after all these years…I can hardly believe it has been so long.

    I am living in Howell, MI with my husband and our children, Zoe, Ivy, Lincoln and Ruby. They are 10, 8, 6 and almost 4 years old. No swimmers, but into lots of other great activites. The girls play basketball and Linc loves Karate, and I’m so pleased they all really like school. Phew! We live on a farm with just a few animals: 3 sheep, 4 goats, 2 cows, a mini donkey and a mini pony, and a really cute chocolate lab named Jessie. I love it here, even thought the weather can be a trick at times. Summers are the best, winters are a bummer! It’s still so nice to have all of the seasons, though.

    I’d sure love to catch up on all the years. Drop me a line whenever you have the chance. You sound happily busy, and I am so happy for you :*) Your boys are beautiful, and you haven’t changed a bit. Hope we can catch up sometime soon!

    xoxoxoxo, Jen

    p.s. Love seeing all of those MSU swim pics…I keep telling myself to start scanning those DHS swim pics for facebook. Someday!

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