We are heading to a horse ranch in Western Kentucky this year for Thanksgiving.  I am so excited to spend a few very relaxed days in a beautiful place with my family, but I think I’d better start planning ahead for our meal, because I’m fairly certain that there aren’t many health food stores in that part of the country.  So you all can start thinking about your feast-day grub too, I’d like to offer some suggestions for a bountiful, beautiful Thanksgiving meal.  To me, bounty means a variety of colors, textures and tastes and, thankfully, we still have plenty of fresh, delicious produce available to us.  The last Farmers’ Market of this season is this Saturday, so there is still time to stock up on delicious apples and pears, Winter squash, potatoes, onions, etc, etc.  I’m thinking there may even still be some yummy greens.

While I am not particularly stuck on tradition, there are certain foods that say Thanksgiving more than others to me – I guess they also just say warm, cozy, Fall…


Five Spice Carrot Cashew Butter with hearty bread
Winter Squash Soup
French Lentil Patewith Crackers<

Main Dishes:

Savory Lentil Loaf, with or without the ketchup
Chickpea Patties and Gravy(or, roasted garbanzo beans would be a delicious protein addition to the usual TDay sides)
Layered Root Vegetable Gratin
Stuffed Winter Squash with Roasted Chickpeas or Crispy Mung Beans
Baked Tofu Cutlets

Salads and Side Dishes:

Yummy Holiday Stuffing
Roasted Vegetables
Millet Risotto Cakes
Green Bean or Vegetable Casserole
Kale and Beet Salad
Autumn Tossed Salad
Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad
Red Cabbage Salad


Sweet Buttercup (or any Winter squash) Tart
Carrot Cake
Raw Pear and Walnut Tart (no recipe online yet, but throw some walnuts, fresh ginger, cinnamon, and dates into a food processor to make a crust to press into a pan, then layer with sliced ripe fresh pears tossed in lemon juice, fresh ginger, and cinnamon; top with Brazil Nut Cream

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