About Being Gluten Free – Perspective

Gluten is such a big part of the American diet, it comes as a shock to most when it has to come out.  Don’t fear!  There is plenty to eat!  You live in abundance, it just looks different than before.  Soon, you will realize that it really looks better than before.

What are you really missing by taking gluten out of your diet?  List all of the gluten foods that you can no longer have… for the average person, there’s pasta, bread, pastries, crackers, pretzels.   There are more, but those are what come up first for me.  So, how do those foods serve you?  Sure, they are convenient and they fill up your belly, and they are what most everyone else eats a lot of the time, but, really, how do they serve you as a whole?  I can’t think of any real benefit to those foods over other foods, whole foods, that are naturally gluten free.

I invite you to embrace the change.  Take advantage of it.  Feel how different foods make you feel, and eat the ones that make you feel good.  Learn to cook.  Ask me if you need help getting started.  I have two young boys, a husband in medical school, a dog who likes lots of attention, a full time job, and a business on the side, so I’ve got plenty of tips that will help you fit cooking into your already full life.   Above all, and this applies everywhere in your life, appreciate what you can have, and do have, and enjoy it.


  1. Rebecca said

    Hello Julia,
    I was referred to you by my colleague, Staci Rieder. I’m currently trying to live gluten free, but love to bake. I’m hoping to find ways to make some of my favorite recipes gluten free – like chocolate zucchini bread, ginger molasses cookies, and banana bread. I’m not sure what to substitute for sugar and regular flour. I actually started to bake with whole wheat flour a couple if years ago, and now need to change so these favorite recipes don’t tear me up. Any insight on recipe replacements or cookbooks would be appreciated!


  2. Sarah said

    Thank you for making such healthy, delicious foods. I love your healthy treats! I bought the graham crackers at the Wed. farmers market recently and now discovered your website. Thanks again!

    • adaba said

      Hi Sarah. You are so welcome, and thank you!

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