What’s Adaba Foods?

Adaba Foods offers nourishing a la carte meals and snacks, as well as baking mixes and meal starter kits, cooking/baking classes, and private instruction to help people fit special diets, or just healthy eating, into their lives. Food and services can be ordered directly, or you can find me at the boulder Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays from 4-8pm, May to October.

My cooking style is simple and healthy; it takes very little to turn a few great ingredients into a fabulous meal. I love to make seasonal soups, sautés, dips, and salads using the freshest produce I can find as my inspiration. Since I have kids who seem opposed to using any sort of utensil at lunch, I also love coming up with ways to make wholesome, portable meals that are easy and fun to eat during a school lunch period.

My baked products and mixes are made from amazing ingredients like sprouted buckwheat, amaranth, millet, quinoa, and teff; coconut and macadamia nut oils; unrefined sweeteners like dates, coconut sugar, and agave: and whatever is local and seasonal where I live in Boulder, Colorado. These ingredients all happen to be gluten free, by the way, but they are well-worth getting to know regardless of any dietary restrictions. My baked products are free of dairy and soy (except soy lecithin in chocolate chips) and almost all are vegan or can be made vegan.

I make lots of delicious raw snacks too, both sweet and savory; great for lunch boxes or on-the-go. These snacks are packed full of nutrition, made with nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, with the occasional sprouted whole grain thrown in. The menu for these varies seasonally, but might include cashew coconut macaroons, carrot cake, fig bars , carob mint mini cakes, sweet and salty pumpkin seed snacks, herbed crackers, and veggie crackers.

My goal in creating Adaba Foods was to encourage a connection to the foods that fuel us, the planet we live on, and all those who share this space. I hope to educate people about eating whole foods in general, and in a way that is in harmony with individual bodies, healthy lifestyles, and the Earth. I also hope to encourage people to bring the creation of food back into their homes in a way that is supportive, not overwhelming. I’d like to provide tips on treading more lightly and I hope to be able to articulate what I think really needs to be said about our responsibilities to each other and those who will come after us.


  1. gina said

    Hi Julia!
    I like your blog!

  2. Lorienne said

    Your foods are wonderful. This is food that is not about “restriction,” but about abundance!


  3. cheri felix said

    Hi Julia,

    Love the blog! And it is perfect! Can you please provide pricing for your muffin/bread mixes? Thanks!

    • adaba said

      Hey Cheri!

      The mixes are $6 for a small bag (1 batch) and $15 for a large bag (4 batches). They sell square glass jars with screw on lids at Mcguckins and Target that fit the large size; that is the way to go and I can just refill when needed…xojulia

  4. holly Craychee said

    Hi Julia – Hope you are well – I’ve been meaning to write for so long now! Are you still offering baking classes? I have a friend who may be interested in doing it with me. Holly * what would be the cost for my friend?

  5. Hi Julia,
    I just finished watching you and Lauren bake quinoa bread – can’t wait to try it. I’m currently in the Nat Chef program at Bauman College in Penngrove…working towards a wholegrain and GF baking line. I write about whole foods wellness at http://www.cook4seasons.com – Would love your feedback. All best, Karen

  6. Susana Berti said

    I am very interested in the GF cooking classes but live in Maryland, what do you recommend??
    thank you

    • adaba said

      Hi Susana. I will have to think about that; is there anything, in particular, you are interested in learning about? Thanks for writing! Julia

  7. vallerie said

    Thank you for providing insightful healthful inspiring info re. gluten-free foods. I would love to order your cookbook if it is available yet. I’m hoping you’ve included your fabulous recipes for g.f. wholegrain, no sugar baked goods!

    You’re a ‘new-wave’ Julia who truly deserves accolades for caring about people’s health. THANK YOU!

    Vallerie in Victoria BC

  8. Hi – I bought some of your delicious fig bars and sprouted quinoa bread at the Boulder Farmers Market last week when I was in town on a visit from NYC. Delicious! I’m so glad that I found this blog and very grateful that you’re posting recipes. I’ll spread the word here and perhaps one day you’ll be shipping. Or I’ll be moving! Wishing you great success with all of this. You are doing such important work!

  9. Hi Julia,

    Thank you so much for the adaba snacks that you donated to Karuna for her kundalini class, in recognition of the Dali Lama’s birthday. They were delicious!! Everyone was impressed.

    I am involved in running a boulder event called “Boulder Green Streets” where we will close east Pearl street to cars and open it up as park like space. The theme will be active and healthy living. You should come and be a vendor at the event and sell these awesome snacks. I think your food would be a hit!

    Thanks again for your generous donation. So delicious!

    Suzanne Spiegel

    • adaba said

      Hi Suzanne. You are welcome – I was so happy to be able to offer snacks for Karuna’s first class at Studio Be. Thank you for letting me know about Boulder Green Streets – I hadn’t heard about it, but I will definitely look into buying a booth as it looks like a fantastic event! Maybe I’ll see you at Studio Be on a Tuesday morning soon!

  10. wendy goldner said


    Do you have scheduled cooking classes or do you set them up on request?
    I’m really trying to use only whole food in my families diet but this is pretty new too me and there are a lot of new ingredients in your recipes.

    I’d love to know when you’re doing a beginners class.

    Wendy in Boulder

    • adaba said

      Hi Wendy.

      Thanks for your comment on my blog. I do cooking classes at any level, either group or private. I generally set them up upon request. If someone wants a specific class, we set up a time together, then if a group class is preferred, I’ll advertise the class to anyone else who is interested.

      So, if you are interested, please give me a call or an email with good times for you and we’ll see what we can put together.

  11. […] As a fellow organic, seasonal, nutrition-oriented food lover and cook, I am excited to share a recent creation. Like my good friend Rach, I love to cook and share food, nutrition info, technique tips and more…inspiring YOU to get in the kitchen! Creating is one of my passions and my favorite place to express creativity is in the kitchen. This seasonally inspired cookie recipe is adapted from Rachael Ray, and the basic frosting recipe is based off a recipe of one of my instructors at culinary school. […]

  12. Elisabeth Brillant said

    Hi Julia,
    I just stumbled onto your website and my mouth has been watering ever since..I’m dying to try your recipes…so wholesome and simple..
    I wish I lived closer (I’m in BC, Canada)..keep up the great work…

  13. zara sensi said

    at last!!!! thank you for you…… ❤

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