Adaba Foods Sample Menu – Fall/Winter

Adaba Foods offers a selection of wholesome foods, some raw, some cooked or baked, all nourishing, all gluten free and delicious. Most items are vegan, but please specify if this is a requirement for you, or if you have other specific food needs/preferences. The menu changes based on what is available locally and seasonally, though there are a few products that are always available.

Here is a sample Fall/Winter menu; I’m happy to take requests too, including requests for ingredient substitutions.


$25/large (4-6 servings), $12.50 small (2-3 servings)

Soup Accompaniments/Sides:

$15.00-$25.00/large (3-4 side dish-sized portions)

Sourdough Sprouted Grain Breads ($8 loaf):

Raw Treats:

$8.00/large, $4.00/small; minimum may apply.

Baked Treats:

Sweet Breads:

$7.00/loaf for 2 or more loaves; discounts may apply for larger orders.

Lightly sweetened crackers, cookies, and bars; $7.00 large, $4.00 small:

Savory Snacks: ($6.00/quarter pound bag)

Baking Mixes (sprouted grain flours): ($7.00)

If there is something else you are craving, please inquire. It’s always fun to come up with something new!


  1. vallerie said

    these all sound great! are the recipes available? We’re on the west coast of canada.

    • adaba said

      Hi Vallerie. That would make it difficult to get to the market, wouldn’t it? If you will please email me at, I’ll see about helping you out with some recipes..please let me know which ones interest you the most. Thanks for reading!

  2. Lisa Johnson said

    Where do we find the prices and quantities of the products that you have listed above, and how do we order online?

  3. Kim Payes said

    Your meals look fabulous! I am really interested in being kept abreast of your weekly offerings! I am gluten free and had no idea of all the interesting options for ingredients, especially breads! I am so happy water running allowed me to cross paths with you!

  4. Krista Morien said

    Hello Julia,

    Thank you for all of the wonderful recipes! I am revisiting your site on a rainy day here in Washington state, taking note of all the things I want to try. Just wondering if you would share your naan recipe? I would love to make a flatbread with sprouted grains….


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