Adaba Foods Menu -Spring/Summer

Adaba Foods offers a selection of wholesome foods, some raw, some cooked or baked, all nourishing, all gluten free and delicious. Most items are vegan, but please specify if this is a requirement for you, or if you have other specific food needs/preferences. The menu changes based on what is available locally and seasonally, though there are a few products that are always available.

Here is a general idea of my Spring/Summer menu; I’m happy to take requests too, including requests for ingredient substitutions.

Raw Treats:

$8.00/large, $4.00/small; minimum may apply.

Baked Treats:

Tea Breads:

$7.00/loaf for 2 or more loaves; discounts may apply for larger orders.

Lightly sweetened crackers, cookies, and bars; $8.00 large, $4.00 small:

Savory Snacks: ($6.00/quarter pound bag)

Sourdough Breads: ($8.00)

Made from a base of millet and buckwheat, these breads are gluten free, sugar free, yeast free, and vegan.

Baking Mixes: ($7.00)

A la Carte Menu:

If there is something else you are craving, please inquire. It’s always fun to come up with something new!


  1. Your menu looks wonderful! I work in Holistic Health Counseling in New York and will be in Boulder this weekend. I’ve been following a gluten-free diet for over 2 years and it’s helped me tremendously. Really happy to see you using sprouted whole grain flours in your recipes.

    Hoping we can get some goodies and then go picnic for the afternoon!

    See you on Saturday,

  2. caryjobe said

    Hi Julia!
    Loved ur kale chips yesterday at the market!! Do u give out recipes?
    Also bought the pancakes and the sauce is amazing! Which spices did u add to the recipe on ur blog? Also, what was in the pancakes? Did u say sprouted lentils? Sooo cool! Following your blog now!

    • adaba said

      Hi Cary – thanks!

      I share some of my recipes; when people ask, I know which ones to consider for my blog:) The only spice we add to our veggie pancake tomato sauce for the cafe/market is fresh ginger. The pancakes are made from split mung beans, but lentils can also be used. Happy cooking!

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