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I am located in Boulder, Colorado.  I cook, bake, and teach classes year round.  From April to November, you can find me at the Boulder Farmers’ Market.  Throughout the year, I am always happy fill a la carte orders.  I do soup on Wednesdays, casual catering, and special orders on request.  Please contact me directly if you would like to place an order, take a class, suggest a new product, or if you have any questions about cooking and baking.  My email address is  I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. pamela lippe said

    Hi Julia, what is teff flour? And if you could substitute the eggs, what do you recommend? Oh yea, this is the Carrot cake I am refering to. Please send me your phone number so I can reach you on thursday. Thanks, Pamela

  2. Gigi said

    Did you use to have your products at the Berry Best Smoothie shop? I had a chocolate chip walnut cake that I would love to get again.


    • adaba said

      Hi Gigi.

      Yes, I did have my products at Berry Best Smoothies. I will have them there again as soon as fix some labeling issues. In the meantime, you can get the chocolate chip bread from me anytime, with one-day notice to get the quinoa sprouted….

  3. James Bertini said

    Am trying to reach the owner to see if she is interested in participating in our indoor farmers market. I sent an email to the address above but it bounced back.

  4. Nicole Vollmerhausen said

    We are thinking about switching over to a wheat free/ gluten free diet to help with Eya and his school life. Eya,”Mom, I don’t want to buy or eat anything gluten free from Whole Foods and switch over. I will only eat the things that Ethan’s mamma makes that are gluten free. I love her cooking!!”

    • adaba said

      Hi Nicole! Sweet Eya…what a compliment that is! Let me know what I can do to support all three of you guys if you make this transition…

  5. schlokari said

    I love making you candy bar recipe for my daughter, Ella. I would love to make them look a bit better to have for parties, etc. I normally use a glass pan and have to sort of chip them out (not the best shape, but still delicious). I have been researching silicone and am wondering what your thought are on using silicone as molds for these bars and other items that are not heated. Thanks so much!


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